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    1. What is Vastu
    2. Vastu Is A Science
    3. The Origin of Vastu
    4. Fundamental concepts
    5. Why One Should Follow Vastu
    6. Open Space Around The Building
    7. The Interiors Of The House
    8. Dharamshalas Vastu Shastra
    1. Accursed Building, Vastu Shastra
    2. Arvana in Vastu Shastra
    3. Auspicious and Inauspicious Omens, Vastu Shastra
    4. Auspicious Constellations for Travel, Vastu Shastra
    5. Auspicious Time for Bhoomipuja, Vastu Shastra
    6. Chhaya Vedh, Vastu Shastra
    7. Elements of Vastu
    8. Essentials of Vastu
    9. Griha Pravesh, Indian Custom
    10. Importance of Vastu Shastra
    11. Manjusri Vasthu Vidya Sastra
    12. Natural elements and Vastu Shastra
    13. Obstacle in a Structure or Dwarvedh
    14. Place of Auspicious and Inauspicious Powers
    15. Place of Idol and Worship
    16. Pyramid Vastu
    17. Rectification through Vastu Principles
    18. Rectifications in the Extended Plots
    19. Relevance of Muhurta
    20. Structure On a Hill
    21. Structures in the Flat
    22. Survey of the Land or Soi
    23. Tips for position of bathroom
    24. Tips for Purchasing a Flat
    25. Trees Around the Building
    26. Trees Touching the Structure
    27. Vastu in Different Units of a Flat
    28. Vastu Principles
    29. Vastu Purusa
    30. Vastu Sastra in Town Planning
    31. Vastu Shastra in Ancient Texts
    32. Vastu Shastra in Astrology
    33. Vastu Shastra in Modern Architecture
    34. Vastu Shastra of Karnataka Temples.
    35. Vastu Shastra Related to Agriculture
    36. Auspicious Signs or Symbols
    37. Vastu Vidya
    38. Vithishula, Vastu Shastra
    39. Ways to Overcome Inauspicious Vithishula
    1. Apartments and Flat Systems
    2. Bedroom in the Flat
    3. Building Material
    4. Central Position of a Flat
    5. Construction of Banks
    6. Construction of Central Space and Plinth
    7. Construction of Doors and Windows in Buildings
    8. Construction of Residential Buildings
    9. Construction of Theatres
    10. Constructions of Educational Institutions
    11. Constructions of Factories
    12. Constructions of Hospitals
    13. Constructions of Religious Temples
    14. Constructions of Shops
    15. Corners of the Open Space around
    16. Designing a Home Using Vastu
    17. Diagonal Plots, Vastu Shastra
    18. Directions in the Plot and Building
    19. Division of a Diagonal Plot
    20. Engineering and Architecture in Vastu Shastra
    21. Entrance Gate for Main Building in Diagonal Plots
    22. Flat system in Vastu Shastra
    23. Flooring of the Flat
    24. Haunted Structures
    25. Height of Multi-storied Buildings
    26. Interior Planning of the Main Building
    27. Kitchen and Dining Table
    28. Kitchen in the Flat
    29. Life of the building
    30. Main Entrance Door of Flat,
    31. Mezzanine Floor
    32. Multilevel Structures
    33. Open Space Around The Building
    34. Outhouse And Garage
    35. Row and Group Housing
    36. Seating Room in the flat
    37. Structure in a Ditch
    38. Tips for building Staircase
    39. Units in Apartments and Flat Systems
    40. Vastu for Multi-Storied Residential Buildings
    41. Vastu Shastra for Buildings
    42. Windows of Flat
    1. Feng Shui Tips on Career
    2. Feng Shui
    1. Omens, Vastu Shastra
    2. Omens Related to a Cat, Vastu Shastra
    3. Omens related to a Crow, Vastu Shastra
    4. Omens Related to a Dog, Vastu Shastra
    5. Omens Related to a Horse, Vastu Shastra
    6. Omens Related to Birds,Vastu Shastra
    7. Omens Related to Serpent,Vastu Shastra
    8. Omens Related to Sneeze, Vastu Shastra
    1. East-North-East Extended Plot, Vastu Shastra
    2. East-South-East Extended Plot , Vastu Shastra
    3. Geographical Position of Plot, Vastu Shastra
    4. Junction Plots, Vastu Shastra
    5. North-North-East Extended Plot, Vastu Shastra
    6. North-North-West Extended Plot, Vastu Shastra
    7. Plots with Circular Roads, Vastu Shastra
    8. Adjacent plot along Diagonal Building
    9. Purchase of the Adjacent Plot, Vastu Shastra
    10. Quality of a Plot, Vastu Shastra
    11. Roads Around the Plot, Vastu Shastra
    12. South-South-East Extended Plot, Vastu Shastra
    13. South-South-West Extended Plot, Vastu Shastra
    14. West - South-West Extended Plot, Vastu Shastra
    15. West-North-West Extended Plot, Vastu Shastra
    1. basement
    2. Bathrooms in Vastu Shastra
    3. Bedrooms, Vastu Shastra
    4. Children room
    5. Dining room
    6. Drawing room
    7. Entering a New House as per Vastu Shastra
    8. Grainary Room
    9. Guest room
    10. Home Vastu
    11. Kitchen Room in Vastu Shastra
    12. Location of the Well , Vastu Shastra
    13. Locker Room
    15. Overhead Water Tank, Vastu Shastra
    16. Parking , Vastu Shastra
    17. Pooja room
    18. Store Room , Vastu Shastra
    19. Strong Room , Vastu Shastra
    20. Study room
    21. Vastu Tips for a House
    22. Waste Storage Rooms , Vastu Shastra
    1. Angles in the Corner of a Plot, Vastu Shastra
    2. Building Construction in L-Shaped Plots, Vastu Shastra,
    3. Buildings in Triangular Plots, Vastu Shastra
    4. Construction of C Shaped Buildings, Vastu Shastra
    5. Construction of L-type Buildings, Vastu Shastra
    6. Drainage Pipe Line , Vastu Shastra
    7. Gate of the Compound Wall , Vastu Shastra
    8. L and C Shaped Constructions, Vastu Shastra
    9. L Type Plots, Vastu Shastra
    10. Proper and Improper Shape of the Plot , Vastu Shastra
    11. Selection of Plot ,Vastu Shastra
    12. Selection of the Right Plot, Vastu Shastra
    13. Semi - Diagonal or Extended Plot, Vastu Shastra
    14. Slope in a Plot, Vastu Shastra